Brief Introduction

    The General Technology Center (GTC) was established in 2019, including Mechanic & Alignment Technology Group, Conditional Technology Group, Electrical engineering & Electromagnetic compatibility technology group, and Radiation Safety and Protection Group. The center has 50 in-service staff, among whom 4 have senior title and 22 have deputy senior title. 40% of the whole staff is under the age of 35 years old.

    For all scientific research projects of IMP, GTC aims to  make a unified plan for general engineering and technical programs, solve general engineering problems during the construction, and provide universal facility guarantee for scientific projects. 

    The responsibilities of GTC include: design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of civil engineering, general technology, radiation safety and machanic-related tasks for all the IMP’s projects ; design of the general engineering work in nuclear physics and target system; ensuring the implementation of civil engineering, general system and radiation safety protection in the construction of HIAF&CiADS; participating actively in the installation and debugging of the key equipment. 

    The establishment and operation of GTC can free the front-line researchers from general engineering and technical works, so that they can concentrate on deep research in the professional fields, which is beneficial to improve the research and development level of IMP. Committed to "Daily Service, Standardized Design, Process-oriented Construction, Practical Research", GTC will take the advantage of collaborative teamwork to achieve operation efficiency and push forward the construction process of all the new projects. 

    Research Fields

    1. Mechanical design and alignment 

       (1) Mechanical structure design and performance study of accelerator components  

       (2) Simulation and structure design of physics experimental terminal  

       (3) Precision engineering survey and alignment for accelerator projects 

       (4) Application of new technology in the field of mechanical design and alignment 

    2. Electrical engineering &EMC 

       (1) High and low voltage power distribution technology 

       (2) Intelligent technology of power grid  

       (3) Power quality technology 

       (4) Electromagnetic compatibility simulation and test technology 

       (5) Electromagnetic compatibility design 

       (6) Grounding technology 

       (7) Integrated wiring technology 

    3. Radiation Safety and Protection 

       (1) Radiation field analysis and radiation shielding design of the accelerator 

       (2) Radiation dose monitoring in the workplace, environment and individuals. 

       (3) Personal safety interlock technology of the accelerator. 

       (4) Research on induced radioactivity of the accelerator. 

       (5) Environmental impact assessment of the accelerator. 

    4. Conditional Technology 

       (1) Design and Research on the cooling water system of accelerator 

       (2) Analysis and Research on water cooling and heat transfer of high intensity heavy ion beam collimator 

       (3) Analysis and Research on the heat transfer of cooling water under the action of beam-cavity 

       (4) Research on new technology and new materials of ultra pure water 

       (5) Designing of the integration and automatic control of accelerator water cooling system 

       (6) Development of air conditioning and ventilation system in constant temperature room 

       (7) Designing and research of compressed air system 


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