Brief Introduction

The Conditional Technology Group (CTG) provides basis supporting services for accelerator devices and is responsible for the design and maintenance of cooling-water system, air compression system and heat ventilation & air-conditioner system(HAVC). The group provide technical support and site coordination for the preliminary work of new accelerator project, such as: site-selection assessment, planning and construction application, general layout design, survey design, and all the interface of civil construction, etc.  

At present, CTG mainly undertakes the preliminary work of High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) and China initiative Accelerator Driven System (CIADS), viz. adjustment of feasibility study plan, feasibility study of forest & land, survey and design, bidding of construction & supervision, procedure of civil engineering approval and other interface work. Meanwhile, CTG is mainly involved in the project of High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF), China initiative Accelerator Driven System (CIADS), Heavy Ion accelerator for medical machine (HIMM), Space Environment Simulation and Research Infrastructure (SESRI), Proton Radiation Effects Facility (PREF), etc. 

CTG has 10 in-service staff, including 1 has senior title and 6 have deputy senior title. Based on National Laboratory platform, CTG will focus on the research of water-cooling technology applied in accelerators, viz. high precision & stationary-temperature water system, tuning technology by cooled water, preparation of ultrapure water, and continuously provide more stable foundation supporting for accelerator devices. 

Research Fields

1. Design and Research on the cooling water system of accelerator 

2. Analysis and Research on water cooling and heat transfer of high intensity heavy ion beam collimator 

3. Analysis and Research on the heat transfer of cooling water under the action of beam-cavity 

4. Research on new technology and new materials of ultra pure water 

5. Designing of the integration and automatic control of accelerator water cooling system 

6. Development of air conditioning and ventilation system in constant temperature room 

7. Designing and research of compressed air system 



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1. Liquid circulation control system for communicating containers ZL 2014 1 0392569.7 

2. Water cooling system for linear accelerator ZL 2016 1 0851015.8 




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