Radiation Safety and Protection Group

Brief Introduction

The Radiation safety and protection group (RSPG) is affiliated to the  General Technology Center. It is responsible for implementing the national laws, regulations and standards related to radiation safety, establishing and improving radiation safety rules and regulations of the institute, as well as carrying out the research and daily management related to radiation protection. 

Currently, RSPG has 9 researchers, 4 of them have senior professional titles. The main activities include design, establishment, operation and maintenance of radiation safety system of the accelerator, radiation monitoring and evaluation, personal dose monitoring and document management, management of radioactive sources and radioisotopes, management of radioactive waste and chemical waste, health care management of radiation workers, education and training on radiation safety, radiation safety supervision and inspection, emergency treatment of radiation accident, etc. 

In recent years, RSPG has completed design and construction of the radiation protection for many scientific research tasks, including the HIRFL-CSR, Heavy Ion Medical Machine (HIMM) and proton linac of ADS, etc. Meanwhile, the group has successfully developed the wide energy spectrum neutron detector, gamma dose monitor and personnel security interlock system of the accelerator. At present, the main research fields are the parameter measurement of medium and high energy neutrons, the radiation protection research in heavy ion radiotherapy and the radiation protection design of HIAF, the major national science and technology infrastructure project in the 12th Five-Year plan of China.  

Research Fields

1. Radiation field analysis and radiation shielding design of accelerators 

2. Radiation dose monitoring in the workplace, environment and individuals 

3. Personal safety interlock technology of accelerators 

4. Research on induced radioactivity of accelerators 

5. Environmental impact assessment of accelerators 


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