Mechanical and Alignment Technology Group

Brief Introduction

Mechanical and Alignment Technology Group (MTG) is part of General  Technology Center, which includes the mechanical engineering team and the alignment team. There are 23 employees, including 3 professional engineers, 7 senior engineers, 10 engineers and 3 technicians. 

MTG is mainly responsible for operation, maintenance, renovation and upgrade of Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL), Low Energy Accelerator Facility (LEAF) and superconducting accelerator of Accelerator Driven Sub-critical system(ADS). MTG is also taking part in new accelerator projects, viz. High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF), China initiative Accelerator Driven System (CiADS), Heavy Ion Medical Machine (HIMM), Space Environment Simulation and Research Infrastructure (SESRI), Proton Radiation Effects Facility (PREF). The group undertakes tasks such as overall layout, mechanical design, development of key equipment in accelerator survey and alignment. 

MTG completes the systematic design of mechanical system in many ways, such as mechanical structure design, multi-physical field coupling, equipment cooling method,etc. The 3D collaborative design platform is used to carry out equipment layout, park planning and project implementation in the unified design environment. The realization of collaborative system design is beneficial to improve the stability of high power accelerator compared with single parts design. Many kinds of world advanced alignment measuring equipment are equippedincluding laser tracker, laser scanner, measuring arm, photogrammetry system, total station, digital level, alignment telescope, etc. 

Many built-up devices, viz. Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou-Cooling Storage Ring (HIRFL-CSR), Heavy Ion Medical Machine (HIMM), the Linac for Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC-Linac) and the plastic scintillator detector for DAMPE, have been operated steadily. The four-vane and four-bar RFQ accelerator cavities and the drift tube linear accelerator cavities were successfully developed. The machining accuracy reached 0.03mm/m, and the relative alignment accuracy of the key components was better than 0.05mm. 

In the field of mechanical design and alignment, MTG keeps closely cooperation and communication with other accelerator laboratories at home and abroad, and participates in a number of international cooperative projects. 

Research Fields

1. Mechanical structure design and performance study of accelerator components  

2. Simulation and structure design of physics experimental terminal  

3. Precision engineering survey and alignment for accelerator projects 

4. Application of new technology in the field of mechanical design and alignment 



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