Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetic Compatibility Technology Group

Brief Introduction

The Electrical engineering and Electromagnetic compatibility technology group provides electric technical supports, formulates admittance system and specifications of electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) for the large-scale scientific accelerator devices, and is responsible for its research, design and upgrading on the electrical engineering and EMC technologies. The group has 9 in-service staff, including 6 senior engineers, 2 engineers. 

The main research of the group includes unique power quality, electromagnetic noise, applicable standards and test methods of EMC on large scientific devices. It is also  responsible for the design, upgrade and development of electrical systems, such as high and low voltage power distribution technology, integrated automation technology and EMC technology for large scientific facilities.  

At present, the group undertakes the development, design and construction of electrical system & EMC of large scientific facilities, viz. High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF), China initiative Accelerator Driven System (CiADS), Heavy Ion accelerator for medical machine (HIMM). Meanwhile, it is in charge of the operation and upgrading of electrical system, UPS power supply system, grounding system and EMC of Lanzhou Heavy Ion Research device (HIRFL).  

The group also undertakes the task of training researchers and technicians working for electrical and electromagnetic compatibility technology of the accelerator facilities. 

Research Fields

1. High and low voltage power distribution technology 

2. Intelligent technology of power grid  

3. Power quality technology 

4. Electromagnetic compatibility simulation and test technology 

5. Electromagnetic compatibility design 

6. Grounding technology 

7. Integrated wiring technology 


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