Brief Introduction

    In order to push forward technical research and development and provide better technical support and external services, in early 2019, the nuclear detection technology and experiment platform center was established. The center consists of three groups, including nuclear detector group, nuclear electronics group and physics experiment platform group, specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance nuclear detector and electronics for large science engineering and experimental science research. The center also provides other physical testing services for low energy heavy ion technology application and analysis & testing.

    During these years we have carried out various research projects, through which our capabilities in research, engineering and management are enhanced. Nowadays we are making particle physics solutions to different applications in nuclear experiments. 

    Research Fields

    1. Nuclear Detector Group 

    The main tasks of Nuclear Detector Group are to provide help for nuclear physics experiments at home and abroad in terms of detectors, and to develop advanced detector test system to deal with various problems and challenges encountered in the CSR beam line experiment. 

    2. Nuclear Electronics Group 

    Nuclear Electronics Group is focused on research and development of the instruments and readout systems for research on nuclear and particle physics, nuclear astrophysics. 

    3. Multidisciplinary Integrated Physics Experiment Platform Group 

    Multidisciplinary Integrated Physics Experiment Platform Group, as the platform of large research instruments for low energy heavy ion technology application and analysis & testing, is an important technical support system of IMP. It is responsible formanaging the operation and sharing of large research instruments as well as providing external technical support. 


    DUAN Limin  

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