Multidisciplinary Integrated Physics Experiment Platform

Brief Introduction

Centering on the Institute's innovative 2020 development plan and the "Thirteenth Five-Year" strategic goal, the Multidisciplinary Integrated Physics Experiment Platform has formed a distinctive technical support platform and a high-level technical support team with the existing resources. The platform has been continuously improving the level of external support services of scientific research instruments, the efficiency of instrument use, and the professional capabilities of technicians. It has become a domestic first-class service platform for testing, analysis and heavy-ion technology. 

At present, the platform has 11 technical support staff, 4 with senior professional titles and 6 with postgraduate degrees or higher. They are responsible for the operation, maintenance and external experiments of the 320 kV platform for multi-discipline research with highly charged ions, the EBIS ultra-low energy heavy ion experimental platform, the material imaging analysis platform, and the biomedical analysis platform. There are a total of 39 large-scale scientific research instruments with a value of more than 500,000 yuan, and the total value of the instruments is 130.9 million yuan. 


Research Fields

1. Provide low-energy, high-current and high-charged heavy ions, which are mainly applied in many frontier exploration and research fields, such as material irradiation, plasma physics, atomic and molecular physics and nuclear astrophysics. 

2. Undertake the analysis and testing tasks of the morphology, structure, element composition of nuclear energy materials, nuclear power materials and new civil materials. 

3. Undertake analysis and testing tasks in biomedical proteomics research, metabolomics research, drug screening, heavy ion cancer treatment, microorganism and plant irradiation breeding, etc. 


1. Publications 

More than 600 papers related to our platform were published at peer reviewed journals such as PRL and PLB. 

2. Patents 

Obtained more than 10 authorized national patents. 

3. Awards 

(1) IMP received award for excellence for three consecutive years in the assessment of major scientific research infrastructure and large-scale scientific research instruments of central-level universities and scientific research institutes, which was organized by the Ministry of Science&Technology and Ministry of Finance.  

(2) The institute-level center of IMP ranked second and received award for excellence in the evaluation of institute-level centers in the field of mathematics and science organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2020. 

(3) Platform received award for excellent group of Lanzhou Resources and Environmental Science Large-scale Instrument Regional Center for 7 times.  

(4) Platform obtained the “Director’s Special Award” of the IMP in 2020. 



ZHOU Junjun 

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