Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Modern Physics ( IMP ) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded in l957. After a half century of development, IMP has become the most important research center for heavy ion sciences in China. We have established active and fruitful collaboration with more than 40 institutions worldwide. IMP operates the Heavy I...

  • Studies Reveal Irradiation Effect of MAX Phase

    The behavior of materials in extreme environment is one of the problems which restricts the application and development of nuclear energy. Researchers from IMP have made important progress in a series of systematic studies on 312-MAX phase materials, including the irradiation performance evaluation, the mechanism of irradiation resistance, irradiation-induced phase transformation and its evolution. Learn more

  • Scientists Establish a New Model of α-cluster Formation in Heavy α-emitters

    Researchers at IMP and their collaborators have established a new model—multistep model, and calculated the corresponding formation probability of some typical α-emitters. The present work may help scientists to get more information of superheavy nuclei, and provide a distinctive way to clarify the neutron-proton pairing properties in N≈Z nuclei. Learn more

  • Researchers Obtain New Results on Dielectronic Recombination Precision Spectroscopy

    Researchers at IMP and their collaborators recently obtained new results on dielectronic recombination precision spectroscopy. The precision spectrum obtained in this work can not only be used to study the energy level structure of highly charged ions and thereby test the theory, but also provide high-precision benchmark data for the diagnosis and modeling of astrophysical and fusion plasmas. Learn more


CiADS will be the world's first megawatt-class accelerator-driven subcritical system research facility.


In China, the Heavy Ion Research Facility at Lanzhou (HIRFL) is one major national research facility fo...

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