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Synthesis of Two New Isotopes 215,216U at IMP

Researchers at Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences have observed two new neutron-deficient isotopes 216U and

Calibrating the signatures of the first stars
The first stars in the Universe formed about 400 million years after the Big Bang. Inside of these stellar furnaces, nuclear processes fused the hydrogen and helium made by the primordial nucleosynthesis into heavier ele...
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EPICS Collaboration Meeting 2014 Held in Lanzhou [2014-06-06]
Symposium on Precision Experiments with Stored Exotic and Stable Ions... [2013-11-15]
28th International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Coll... [2013-08-07]
IMP and IOP Publishing Sign Agreement [2013-03-21]
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1st International Workshop on Nuclear Structure, Hadron Physics and Field Theory[2015-09-02]
2015 international workshop of GPU and MIC Solutions to Multiscale Problems i...[2015-07-28]
Keynote Speech by Dr. Jirina Rikovska Stone from Oxford University[2015-06-29]
Keynote Speech by Prof. Nicholas James Stone from Oxford University[2015-06-29]
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Synthesis of Two New Isotopes 215,216U at IMP
Calibrating the signatures of the first stars
Probing the Momentum-dependent Symmetry Potential via Nuclear Collective Flow
Constraints on Neutron Skin Thickness in 208Pb and Density-dependent Symmetry Energy
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Nuclear Physics Review IMP&HIRFL Annual Report Chinese Physics C
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