Brief Introduction

    Based on the "One-Three-Five" Strategic Planning of the Institute of Modern Physics, the Biomedical Research Center (BRC) mainly carries out applied basic research and the transfer and transformation of scientific research achievements of particle beams in life sciences.

    BRC consists of four groups: Biophysics, Medical Physics, Radiobiological Effects and Radiation Medicine. There are currently offices and labs with a total area of more than 5000 square meters in BRC.  

    The research platforms include intermediate-energy heavy Ion irradiation terminal, high-energy heavy ion irradiation terminal, medical physics laboratory, cell biology laboratory, molecular biology laboratory, microbiology laboratory, animal laboratory, plant laboratory, etc.  

    During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, BRC has acquired many  scientific research achievements, which are domestically leading and internationally advanced, such as heavy-ion therapeutic techniques, novel biophysical models of ion-beam radiation action, radio-sensitivity mechanisms of tumor cells, radiation bio-dosimeter, immune responses to radiation, targeted radioisotope drugs, and heavy-ion beam mutagenesis of new varieties of plants and microorganisms and the exploration of their mechanisms. The progress in these research fields provides important theoretical bases and technical supports for the applications of particle beam radiation in life sciences.  

    BRC has about 60 faculty members, and those who has senior professional and technical titles are more than 70%. In addition, a number of doctoral and postgraduate students from BRC won the "Scholarship of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences", the title of "outstanding graduates" of the CAS, and so on. BRC has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents in the field of radiation bio-medicine for the country. 

    Research Fields

    The main research fields in BRC comprise:  

    1. mutation breeding and drug development by heavy-ion beam radiations 

    2. basic research of particle therapy and R&D of particle beam therapeutic techniques 

    3. research of the effects and mechanisms on space radiation biology 

    4. research on the transfer and transformation of clinical medicine in radiotherapy 


    Prof. LI Qiang 

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    Mailing Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou, 730000, China