Brief Introduction

Due to the excellent spatial resolution, fast time response, low noise, and strong radiation tolerance, silicon pixel detectors can significantly improve the accuracy of detection systems. Silicon pixel sensors can be widely used in nuclear experiments, high-energy physics particle detectors, space detectors, medical devices, etc. Research and development of silicon pixel detector and its readout electronics involve the technology of high-precision sensor design, large scale integrated circuit design, artificial intelligent data processing, etc. These are the key technologies supported by the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Program.  

Aiming to support the large scientific facility, the Silicon Lab at IMP (SLIMP) develops the silicon pixel detectors and other advanced detectors. In addition, SLIMP develops pixel sensor-based applications.   

 Topmetal-M: The first silicon pixel detector manufactured in Chinese CMOS process for nuclear physics

Research Fields

1. Advanced silicon pixel sensor and readout IC design.  

2. High-speed radiation-hard readout electronics. 

3. Pixel sensor applications: beam monitor of heavy ion cancer therapy devices, medical imaging, etc. 

4. R&D of detector and electronics for large scientific facility: ALICE, EiC / EicC, HIAF, NICA, etc. 



1. 一种基于奇偶位置的目标质心定位系统及方法, 发明, 2019 , 专利号: CN110503086A 

2. 一种单片有源像素探测器及其方法, 发明, 2019,专利号: CN110460787A 

3. 用于MAPS内部的列循环ADC单元及转换方法, 发明, 2019,专利号: CN110460336A 

4. 电荷测量电路, 发明, 2019, 第 1 作者, 专利号: 201710738466.5 

5. 一种采样间隔不均匀性修正电路及方法, 发明, 2019,专利号: 201910720281.0 

6. 一种用于剔除无效事例的反符合电路及方法, 发明, 2020, 专利号: 201910938783.0 


1. Design of a cyclic column-parallel ADC for Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor, Journal of Instrumentation, 2020-02 

2. Prototype design of readout electronics for In-Beam TOF-PET of Heavy-Ion Cancer Therapy Device 

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8. Development of a readout system for the tentative pixel detectors at HIRFL, Journal of Instrumentation, 2019-02 



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