Brief Introduction

The theory group consists of 10 researchers, 4 postdoctoral fellow, 12 doctoral students and 7 master students.

The current research topics of the group cover nuclear physics, particle physics and nuclear astrophysics, including the properties of weakly bound nuclei, the properties of heavy and superheavy nuclei, the properties of nuclear matter and related issues in neutron stars, ab-initio calculations of nuclear structure and reaction, heavy-ion collisions in the CSR and HIAF energy domains, the mass spectrum and structure of hadrons and light nuclei based on nonperturbative light-front quantum field theory, hadron structure, strong-field physics, gauge field theory and angular momentum physics.

Now the group is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Key Research Program of Frontier Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on. 

Research Fields

1. Nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics 

a) Nuclear structure related to mass measurement 

b) Properties of weakly bound nuclei 

c) Properties of asymmetric nuclear matter and nucleon-nucleon correlations in nuclear many-body systems  

d) Properties of neutron stars and related topics 

2. Heavy-ion collisions  

a) Isospin effect in heavy ion collisions and high-density behavior of nuclear symmetry energy 

b) Sensitive observables of the symmetry energy and its model dependence  in the transport model 

c) Dynamics of nucleus-nucleus collisions and particle productions in the CSR and HIAF energy domains 

d) Heavy quarkonium production in relativistic heavy-ion collisions 

e) Nuclear fusion reaction and multinucleon transfer reaction 

3. Ab-initio approaches and their applications 

a) Ab-initio calculations of nuclear structure and reaction  

b) Mass spectrum and structure of hadrons and light nuclei based on nonperturbative light-front quantum field theory 

c) Development of Ab-initio approaches 

4. Hadron physics  

a) Mass spectrum and structure of the exotic hadrons

b) Structure of light nuclei on the level of quarks and gluons  

5. Strong-field Physics 

a) Nonlinear Compton scattering in strong laser fields

b) Quark-nucleus scattering in a time-dependent light-front Schr?dinger equation approach


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