Superheavy Nuclide and Nuclear Structure group

Brief Introduction

The group carries out experimental studies on the synthesis and structure of neutron-deficient nuclei, using the state-of-the-art facilities of a gas-filled recoil separator, SHANS (Spectrometer for Heavy Atoms and Nuclear Structure), and a HPGe gamma-ray detector array at HIRFL, as well as other scientific facilities around the world. Recently, with the commissioning of the China Accelerator Facility for Superheavy Elements (CAFE2), a new gas-filled recoil separator, SHANS2, is running successfully. Meanwhile, a novel device, MRTOF mass spectrometer for the precise mass measurement of short-lived nuclei, is under construction. For the coming HIAF facility, the group is responsible for the development of a high-precision low-energy spectrometer for nuclear structure study. 

Currently, 20 employees, and around 10 graduate students are working at the group.  

Research Fields

Synthesis of new isotopes;  

Study and synthesis of superheavy nuclides;  

Nuclear structure and in-beam gamma ray spectroscopy;  

Nuclear reactions;  

Mass measurement of heavy nuclei. 


Based on the HIRFL facility, the laboratory has synthesized several new neutron-deficient isotopes during past two decades, such as 205Ac,214-216U,219,220Np, and 222-224Np. Especially, two new superheavy nuclei, 259Db and 265Bh, were synthesized for the first time. The group has found the experimental evidence that the N = 126 shell effect still exists in the Np isotopes. Furthermore, structures of nuclei like 218Pa、223U、130Ba、131Ba、187Au、46Ti, and reaction dynamics of 9Be with targets 181Ta, 197Au , and 89Y were well studied recently. Besides, the group successfully developed a high sensitivity and high resolution MRTOF-MS prototype, for the precise nuclear mass measurement. The research results were published in renowned nuclear physics and instrumentation journals such as Phys.Rev.Lett, Phys.Lett.B, Phys.Rev.C, and Nuclear Inst. and Methods, etc. 



Prof. GAN Zaiguo 
Tel: +86-931-4969304 
Mailing Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou, 730000, China 
Dr. LI Guangshun (on gamma-ray spectroscopy/nuclear structure studies)
Tel: +86-931-4969301 
Mailing Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou, 730000, China