Radioactive Ion Beam Physics Group

Brief Introduction

The Radioactive Ion Beam Physics Group is an established research group specializing in the study of atomic nuclei, in particular nuclei with excessive proton(s) or neutron(s). Our research interest covers nuclear structure, nuclear reaction and nuclear astrophysics.  

Many important results in the energy range of 50 keV - 1 GeV have been achieved at RIBLL1, RIBLL2, ETF, 320-kV platform, LEAF and other facilities around the world. The group undertakes the development of state-of-the-art target systems, and radiation and nuclear detection systems necessary for nuclear-physics experiments, dark-matter research and environmental-radiation measurement on Mars. The group is also responsible for the construction of the new generation in-flight fragment separator of IMP-CAS -- High energy FRagment Separator (HFRS) -- at High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF).  

There are 21 staff members, including 13 senior scientists, and 9 students in the group. The director of the group is Prof. ONG Hooi Jin.  

Research Fields

1. Study of structure and reaction of exotic nuclei by using low-, intermediate- and high-energy radioactive ion beams; 

2. Study of the astrophysical reactions and nucleosynthesis; 

3. Development of detector systems for charged particlesgamma rays, dark matter and environmental radiation on Mars; 

4. Development of low-temperature target and active-target systems; 

5. Construction of a new generation in-flight fragment separator—High energy FRagment Separator (HFRS) at HIAF. 


Selected publications in the past 5 years: 

1. S.L.Jin, Nuclear Reaction Sensitivity in Magnetohydrodynamically Driven Supernovae, Astrophysical Journal 927, 116 (2022) 

2. B.F.Lv, C.M.Petrache et al., Evidence against the wobbling nature of low-spin bands in 135Pr, Physics Letters B 824, 136840 (2022) 

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5. S.Y.Jin, Y.Z.Sun, S. T.Wang et al., Fragmentation of stable and neutron-rich 12-16C into boron fragments at approximately 240 MeV/nucleon, Chinese Physics C 46, 014003 (2022) 

6. Z.C.Zhang, X.Y.Wang et al., Studying the heavy-ion fusion reactions at stellar energies using time projection chamber, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A 1016, 165740 (2021). 

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Dr. YANG Yanyun, Dr. WANG Shitao   

Tel: +86-931-4969651, 4969650  


Mailing Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou, 730000, China