Brief Introduction

The Nanomaterials Group conducts fundamental and applied nanomaterials research for basic condensed matter physics, materials physics and chemistry, a variety of applied technologies, including ion-matter interaction at the nanoscale, physicochemical properties of designed nanostructures, responses of nanomaterials to ion irradiation, ion beam modification of nanomaterials, ion-track to nanochannel transformation mechanism, matter transportation in nanoconfined space, applications of designed nanomaterials.  

Research Fields

Basic and applied research programs are focused on the thrust areas of: 

1. Theory and modeling at multiple scales 

2. Design and fabrication of emerging nanostructures and functional nanomaterials 

3. Optical and mechanical nanomaterials 

4. Modification of nanomaterials by energetic ions 

5. Structural and physical characterization 

6. Applied nanomaterials and technologies for precise separation, energy harvesting and/or storage, light management, catalysis, and others. 


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