Brief Introduction

The RF Surface Technology Research Group devotes itself to the research of post-processing of SRF cavities and next generation SRF materials. It has 5 labs located at IMP main campus, Baiying SRF cavity lab, Lanzhou Xinqu SRF SRF cavity lab, and Huizhou SRF cavity lab. Main equipment of the Surface Group includes Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) systems, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) systems, electro-chemistry systems, low temperature plasma systems, and automatic clean room systems. Meanwhile, the group can utilize the characterization facilities in collaborators including LZU, SCU, and XJTU. Currently, there are 10 researchers and 10 graduates students in the group. 

Research Fields

Main research topics include: 

1. PVD 

2. CVD 

3. New SRF materials 

4. RF Plasma Techniques 

5. Plasma surface interaction 

6. Surface Processing of Refractory Metal 

7. Automation Techniques in the Clean Room 



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3. From a chemical cleaning superconducting niobium of the cavity of the mixing acid waste liquor extracting method for niobium, inventor: Fan L, Qin Z et al., (Paten No) CN201410269023.2 

4. Stainless steel flange for vacuum sealing, inventor: Wang R, Guo H et al., (Paten No) CN201920575560.8 


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