Brief Introduction

The Linac Physics Group aims to the overall design, debugger and operation of high power Linear Accelerator(linac) as well as the accelerator-target coupling section(ATCS).  

The research direction includes beam dynamic of linac, accelerator industrialization applications, accelerator-target-reactor coupling, miniaturization technology of normal temperature accelerator, new acceleration mechanism and technology, AI & FPGA development for linac, Software development of virtual accelerator, etc..   

The group has successfully designed the CiADS demo linac, of which is in the world leading level in terms of beam current, power and operation time. Current tasks includes research and design of the superconducting linac For CiADS and HIAF Projects, as well as the design of ATCS For CiADS. The team currently has 18 full-time researchers and 10 graduate students. 

Research Fields

Main research topics include: 

1. Beam dynamic design and optimization of superconducting linear accelerator  

2. Commissioning operation and machine research of superconducting linear accelerator  

3. Research on the design of high power beam dump  

4. Research on the coupling physics of the target stack  

5. Miniaturization and industrialization technology of room temperature accelerator  

6. The principle of the new acceleration mechanism  

7. AI algorithm and virtual accelerator software development for accelerator design 

8. Computational Physics and Plasma Physics 



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