Brief Introduction

The Cryogenic Technology Group was founded in January 2011. The group is mainly engaged in the construction of large-scale 2k and 4K liquid helium cryogenic systems, the development of cryomodules, as well as the vacuum system, which are the mainly components of superconducting accelerators.  

Since its establishment, the Cryogenic Technology Group has undertaken and completed the construction of a set of 4K cryogenic system, a set of helium recovery purification system and several cryomodules suitable for the operation of various superconducting cavities. These systems are the main components of superconducting accelerator for ADS transmutation system , which is a national strategic leading project. 

The group has a set of Linde 1kW @ 4.2K LR280 refrigerator system, a set of 12000m3 helium recovery purification system, 7 sets of cryomodules (including 4 on-line operation), a set of superconducting cavity vertical test platform, which can achieve 2K and 4K test conditions. 

At present, the Cryogenic Technology Group is undertaking the construction of two cryogenic systems, respectively for HIAF and CIADS accelerator. Meanwhile, it is also responsible for the development of cryomodule for these two projects. 

There are 18 researchers in the group, including 8 with senior titles. 

Research Fields

1. 2K,4K Liquid Helium Cryogenic System 

2. Cryomodule Design 


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