Radio Frequency Technology Group

Brief Introduction

The Radio Frequency (RF) technology group is an academic and engineering team with strong R&D capability and experience which dares to take responsibility and be innovate. The team focuses on scientific research, engineering and personnel training in RF technology of linear accelerator, cyclotron and synchrotron. Research covers the fields of magnetic material science, electromagnetic and microwave technology, mechanical design, embedded system, analog digital circuit, automatic control, computer system, etc. The group currently has 21 researchers. 

The RF technology group has successively built the RF system of the national first five, Seventh Five and ninth five major scientific facilities. At present, it has undertaken various projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including the Twelfth Five Year Plan of the national development and Reform Commissionhigh current heavy ion accelerator facility (HIAF) RF system, and the national key R & D plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology research on RF system of high gradient, wide frequency band and fast response magnetic alloy.   

The group also conducts research, design and construction of room temperature and high-frequency system in many scientific research tasks, such as Heavy Ion Medical Machine (HIMM), 300 MeV proton &heavy ion accelerator of Space Environment Simulation and Research Infrastructure (SERI), Proton Radiation Effects Facility (PREF), etc.  

Research Fields

1. Magnetic material loaded RF resonance cavity design 

2. Cyclotron RF resonance cavity design 

3. Buncher and Debuncher cavity design 

4. Tetrode tube power source design 

5. Solid state power source design 

6. High performance digital low level system design 

7. Computer-control system design 


1. Phase stabilization design for radio-frequency system of the IMP HIRFL-SSCNIMASCI2019 

2. Low-level radio frequency system upgrade for the IMP Heavy Ion Reach Facility in Lanzhou, NIMA, SCI2019 

3. Development of RF control system for Heavy Ion Medical MachineNuclear Physics Review2019 

4. Heavy ion medical machine synchrotron RF signal source design based on Field-Programmable Gate ArrayHigh Power Laser and Particle Beams2018  

5. Design of the Data Transfer System for Radio Frequency Transmitter Based on FPGA and W5100Nuclear Physics Review2018 

6. Research on barrier bucket voltage in synchrotronHigh Power Laser and Particle Beams2016 

7. Performance test and research of domestic magnetic alloy ringHigh Power Laser and Particle Beams2016 

8. Research of Digital Low Level Radio Frequency Control System for HIRFLHigh Power Laser and Particle Beams2012 


10. MA-core loaded untuned RF compression cavity for HIRFL-CSR. Nuclear instruments and Methods in Physics Research ASCI2012  

11. Magnetic alloy cores for the HIRFL-CSRm compressor cavity. Nuclear science and TechniquesEI2011 

12. High reliability low level RF control system for HIRFL-CSReHigh Power Laser and Particle Beams2010 

13. An untuned MA-load cavity for HIRFL-CSR. Chinese Physics CSCI, 2010 

14. RF system design and measurement of HIRFL-CSR, Chinese Physics C, SCI2009  

15. Design and calculation of cooling storage ring power sourceHigh power laser and particle beamEI2009 

16. Measurement of permeability and quality factor of ferrite ringHigh power laser and particle beamEI2005 

17. Design and stability analysis of HIRFL new B1 buncher frequency fine tuning systemHigh power laser and particle beamEI2005 



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