Brief Introduction

The Power Supply Technology Group is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of the excitation magnet power supply of Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL). At present, there are more than 20 employees, including 12 senior researchers, and two-thirds of employees have master's degree or above. According to the actual situation of the Institute of Modern Physics, the Power Supply Technology Group combines the latest power electronics technology with the requirements of heavy ion accelerator, and develops various special power supply technologies independently for accelerators.  

Since the mid-1970s, the Power Supply Group has undertaken the task of developing the power supply system of the Heavy Ion Research Facility in LanzhouHIRFL, which is a major scientific project in the" Seventh Five-Year Plan”. The group independently developed and successfully completed the design of high-stability regulator DC current stabilized power supplies for HIRFL, and the design and construction of more than 300 power supplies.  

Since 1998, it has undertaken the construction task of power supply system of the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou-Cooler Storage Ring (HIRFL-CSR), which is a national “Ninth Five-Year Plan” scientific project. More than 800 special power supplies have been developed, with a total power of 20MVA, such as phased-controlled SCR pulse power supply, switching-mode pulse power supply, kicker power supply, bump power supply, triangle wave scanning power supply, etc.  

Since 2013, the group is responsible for the research and development of the power system of the new generation High Intensity heavy ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF), which is a national "12th Five-Year Plan" scientific project. In addition to the design and construction of more than 800 power supplies with a total power of 50MVA, the group is also responsible for the design and construction of power supply systems for CIADS, SESRI, PREF and other projects. 

Over the years, the Power Supply Group has actively participated in two 973 projects, an international cooperation project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and a number of youth funds. Currently, a key R & D plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology is being implemented.   

At the same time, the group plays an active role in the industrialization of the heavy ion accelerator. Since 2010, it has completed the development of two sets of power supply for medical heavy ion tumor treatment accelerator, with a total of 300 power supplies. Magnet power supplies are used for two-pole magnets, four-pole magnets, six-pole magnets, scanning magnets, and calibration magnets. The working modes are DC, pulse, passive scanning, and active scanning. The technologies developed by the group is widely used in the power system of HIRFL. At the same time, the technologies have gradually been applied to other similar fields and applications due to the companies involved in research and development. 

For more than 50 years, the Power Supply Group of the Institute of Modern Physics has formed its own distinctive characteristics in the technologies of high-power and high stability DC current stabilized power supplies, high-power pulse switching power supplies, and high voltage special power supplies. The power supply technologies have been developed from DC output to pulse output, from slow pulse to fast pulse, from analog control to full digital control. The performance of the power supply has been continuously improved to meet the development needs of the major scientific facilities. 

Research Fields

The main requirements for the power supply of the heavy ion accelerator are the special current waveform, extremely low current ripple, extremely high current control accuracy, stability and reliability. To meet the requirements, the Power Supply Group actively carry out the following research and design:   

1. Power electronics technology 

Research and design various power converter topologies. Focus on vector control and multi-level control of power converters and applications of the lasted power semi-conductor devices.  

2. Power supply control strategy 

Combined with the needs of accelerators, the performance of various control algorithms is studied to improve the performance of the power supply. 

3. High power density technology and reliability technology 

Research and design high power density power supply to solve various heat dissipation, EMC and reliability problems caused by the increase of power density. Formulate various standard specifications for the modular process of DC power supply and pulse power supply. 

4. Special pulse power supply technology 

Study various high-current pulse generation methods, related high-voltage and insulation technologies applied to power supplies such as KICKER, BUMP, etc. 

5. Intelligent power supply technology 

After digitizing the power supply, on the basis of collecting a large amount of data, the big data algorithm is used to realize intelligent control of the power supply. 

6. Embedded control technology 

Research on embedded control technology based on DSP and FPGA, including high-density, high-speed, multi-layer circuit board design, embedded software development, etc.


The Power Supply Group and its staff have won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and Technology Achievement Award, the first prize of Chinese Academy of Sciences Award, the first prize of the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award twice and the second prize several times. 



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