High Energy Density Physics Group

Brief Introduction

High energy density matter, an extreme state of mater, in which the deposited energy is greater than 1011 J/m3 or the equivalent pressure is larger than 1 Mbar. The unique state of matter not only exists in the interior of a massive star, but also is an important process in inertial confinement fusion. The research on high energy density physics (HEDP) is of great significance in the development of traditional plasma physics, atomic physics and thermodynamics, and has potential application in the fields of astrophysics, new energy explorations and space technology.  

The High Energy Density Physics Group focuses on experimental and theoretical investigations of high energy density physics driven by heavy ion beam based on accelerator facilitiesHIRFL and HIAF. We are developing the crucial experimental technologies and plasma diagnostics, and realizing theoretical simulation by PIC and hydrodynamic methods. Fundamental properties of matter in unexplored regions, such as equation of state, exotic phase transition, transport and opacity, and strong inter-particle interaction will be investigated. We are establishing an international collaboration for HEDP driven by ion beam. Studies of laser spectroscopy of radioactive atoms at HIAF are also carried to expand the research fields of atomic physics and nuclear physics related to radioactive ion beam. 

Research Fields

1. Interaction between ion beam and plasma. 

2. Computational simulation of high energy density physics. 

3. Plasma diagnostics. 

4. High precision laser spectroscopy. 


During the last 10 years, the High Energy Density Physics Group has been supported by National Key R&D Program from Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST), key programs, general programs, young programs and other special funds from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and Light of West China Program from Chinese Academy of sciences (CAS), etc. More than 50 papers have been published in well-known international academic journals. More than 10 master and PhD students have graduated from the group.  



Dr. YANG Jie  

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