Atomic Structure and Collision Dynamics Group

Brief Introduction

Based on the heavy ion Cooler Storage Rings (CSRm and CSRe) and the new facilityHigh Intensity heavy ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF), the Atomic Structure and Collision Dynamics Group focuses on the frontiers of atomic/molecular physics relevant to astrophysics, plasma physics and nuclear, etc. Topics of interest includes: 

1. Ultrafast collision dynamics between the highly charged ion /electron /XUV photons and atom/molecule/clusters 

2. Precision spectroscopy of dielectronic recombination at storage rings 

3. Laser-cooling and precision laser spectroscopy of relativistic ion beams 

4. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and its applications for diagnostics in nuclear waste treatment 

Research is supported by many Scientific funds, such as the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program), the National Key Research and Development Program, Key Projects from National nature Science Foundation of China, and Strategy Priority Projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. 

We work in close collaboration with famous institutions worldwide, such as German Helmholtz heavy ion research center (GSI), Helmholtz Jena Institute, Max Planck Institute for nuclear physics (MPIK), German Giessen University, University of Düsseldorf, Missouri University of Science and Technology (MSU), Saint Petersburg State University (SPSU) and so on. 


Research Fields

1. Ultrafast collisions between highly charged ions /electrons /XUV photons and atom/molecule/clusters; 

2. Precision spectroscopy of dielectronic recombination at storage rings; 

3. Laser cooling and precision laser spectroscopy of highly charged ions; 

4. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy: mechanism and applications for elemental analysis of nuclear fuel. 


During the last 20 years, a set of platforms based on the reaction microscopes have been established successively, for instance, the 320 kV high-voltage platform dedicated to intermediating ion-atom collision energies, the EBIS platform for low-energy ion-atom collisions, the platform for (e,2e) collisions and the ultrafast XUV platform. Meanwhile, the DR platform and laser cooling platform at the storage ring CSRe/CSRm are dedicated to the spectroscopy studies, and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy has also been developed to extend our interest from fundamental research to applications. More than 150 peer-reviewed papers have been published in well-known international journals such as PRL, Angew. Chem., PRA rapid Communication, JPB, APJS, and APJ letter. 



Dr. ZHANG Shaofeng  



Mailing Address: 5# 607509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou, 730000, China