Advanced Nuclear Energy Physics Group

Brief Introduction

The advanced nuclear energy physics group is mainly engaged in the physical design of advanced nuclear energy system and the related application research. The research areas  include: advanced nuclear energy and new energy technology, special materials for nuclear energy, radioisotope production and applications, and research and development of intelligent supercomputing system. The group has a Supercomputing Center. The center has multiple sets of CPU and GPU clusters. The total computing capacity can reach 1.5p Flops.  

At present,there are 27 employees (12 with senior titles), 1 postdoctoral, 12 postgraduates in the group. The average age of researchers with senior titles is 35, and the average age of researchers with intermediate titles is 29, making the team energetic and innovative.  

The group has undertaken more than 20 projects, such as ITER project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, strategic leading science and technology project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and major research plan of the National Natural Science Foundation. 

In the new era, we will actively respond to the call of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on "Special Action to Promote the Transfer and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements". In accordance with the overall deployment of IMP, we will work hard on scientific and technological support and services, strengthen cooperation with local governments,  to    promote the transfer and transformation of high-level achievements, and provide more high-end scientific and technological supplies to serve local economic and social development. 


Research Fields

1. Advanced nuclear energy and new energy technology 

2. Special materials for nuclear energy 

3. Radioisotope production and applications  

4. Research and development of intelligent supercomputing system 


The group has published more than 400 SCI papers in internationally renowned journals, and have obtained 7 international patents, 18 domestic patents and 14 software copyrights.