26 10, 2021


As one of the first institutes in China to be approved to admit graduate students, IMP began providing master’s and PhD programs respectively in 1978 and 1985. Since 2011, IMP has started to admit international students. 

IMP offers PhD and master’s programs in the fields of Physics, Nuclear Science& Technology and Biophysics. It also provides professional master’s programs of Electronics and Information Engineering, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering and Biology and Medicine. Since 2020, IMP has begun to offer a Doctor of Engineering program of Materials and Chemical Engineering. 

All students who are enrolled at IMP will be admitted to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) simultaneously. Students are cultivated by the "two-phase" mode, in which core courses are taken in the UCAS campus in Beijing in the first year, and scientific research is primarily done at the institute from the second year. Some international students also need to take language courses in Beijing before they start to participate in scientific research. After completing all studies, they are awarded degrees by UCAS. 

Currently, there are 484 graduate students at IMP, among whom 60% are doctoral students. The supervisory team of IMP is highly qualified and well-experienced, consisting of 119 doctoral supervisors and 176 master’s supervisors. 

IMP has always encouraged and supported students' pursuit of academic excellence and all-round development in their graduate education. With a series of unique scientific facilities and adequate research funds, IMP provides students with large practice platforms, a wide range of research areas and comfortable living environment. Furthermore, IMP has built cooperation with worldwide research institutions for students joint training and academic exchanges. 

International applicants who are looking forward to studying at UCAS and IMP can apply for ANSO Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, UCAS Scholarship, etc., for financial support. 

Warmly welcome excellent young students to apply for studying at IMP. 

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