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Introduction on the demands from the society for advanced energy and environment protection, the Group of Energy Materials (GEM) aims to clarify the behavior of materials candidate to future fusion reactors or to solar energy systems under intensive radiation conditions, in an effort to develop new structure materials for fusion reactors or to develop novel methods of modification of materials to achieve high efficiency of performance. 


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ITER (13-07-01)
2012 year-end summary (13-06-21)
Visiting of Dr. Zhang Jiaming (13-06-17)
A HRXRD and nano-indentation study on Ne-implanted 6H–SiC (13-07-01)
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ODS Irradiation Damage Research by HIRFL
Material Irradiation Damage Induced by Strong Ion
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A HRXRD and nano-indentation study on Ne-implanted 6H–SiC
Lattice damage and nanohardness in 6H–SiC implanted with multiple-energy Xe ions
Scientists Explored Magnetization of Neutron Star Matter
Narrow size distribution of Au nanocrystals formed in sapphire by utilizing Ar ion irradiation and thermal annealing
Color Center Creation in SiO2 Under Irradiation with Swift Heavy Ions: Dependence on Energy Loss
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