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Nuclear chemistry group was founded in 2006.Most of the researches were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and foundations of Chinese Academy of Sciences. A certain amount of creative works have been done by this team and relative papers have been published by the predominant magazines in China and abroad. There are 6 works and 4 students in this group, Qin Zhi is the leader.


Qin Zhi
Group Leader, Professor,
Research field: Nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry Detail>>

Synthesis and aqueous/gas phase chemical property study of the superheavy elements;
Long-lived radionuclides separation from the High Level Liquid Waste (HLLW);
Study of uranium enrichment from salt lake water; Radiopharmaceutical synthesis and target development. Detail>>
·Isothermal aqueous/gas phase chromatography
·HPGe-γ- Detector
·Several low background lead chamber
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Group Leader: Professor Qin Zhi
Address: Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 509 Nanchang Rd., Lanzhou
Post Code: 730000
Tel. 086-0931-4969693
E-mail: qinzhi@impcas.ac.cn

·Simulation of Gas Chromatographic Processes by Monte Carlo Method
·Preparation of High Purity 18O2 by Electrolysis Method
·Extraction Chromatography Study of Mo and W for Model Experiments on Aqueous Chemistry of Superheavy Elements, Sg
·The preparation of 238Utargets on 2um Al foils, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B
·Gas-phase isothermal chromatograph with short-lived technetium isotopes, Radiochim. Acta
·On-line gas chromatographic studies of Nb, Ta, and Db bromides, Radiochim
·Synthesis and Chemical Properties of Superheavy Elements, Progress in Chemistry
·Main publications

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TEL: 086-(0)931-4969693    E-mail: qinzhi@impcas.ac.cn