Brief Introduction

The Beam Diagnostics Group focuses on the beam measurement and diagnostics technology research of particle accelerators, and provides high-quality services on the design, manufacturing, testing and integration of beam diagnostics system. There are currently 18 members in the group. The group is composed of six technical teams, including non-destructive physical design team, destructive physical design team, data acquisition and control team, beam diagnostic electronics team, mechanical design team and beam diagnostics operation and maintenance team. 

The group has mature technologies and rice experiences in beam position, phase probe, beam intensity, beam size measurement and slow beam extraction. 

Research Fields

1. The physical design and simulation of non-destructive and destructive beam diagnostics detectors, physical analysis of beam signals;  

2. The design and research of gas detector, secondary electron detector, phase probe, medical QA detector;  

3. The control system of beam diagnostics technology, including the design of embedded control and industrial integrated system, digital signal processing technology based on FPGA and DSP;  

4. The design of front-end electronics in radiation environment, integration of the latest microelectronic technology based on FPGA and DSP;  

5. Precision motion mechanical structure design in high vacuum and high radiation environment.  


1. Feng Yong-Chun, et al. "Electron beam probe: The analysis of the electron beam spot expansion and a prototype development at IMP", Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research 960.APR.21(2020),163633. 

2. Liu Tong, et al. "Design and performance of micro-channel plate based particle tracking detector for astrophysical (α, p) reactions", Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research 959.APR.4(2020),163588. 

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