Nuclear Engineering Materials Group

Brief Introduction

To fulfill the strategic requirements of key materials for future Accelerator Driven Advanced Nuclear Energy System (ADANES) and China Initiative Accelerator Driven System (CiADS), researches of the Nuclear Engineering Materials Group are mainly engineering-oriented. Relying on the Heavy Ion Research Facility of Lanzhou (HIRFL) and Guangdong energy laboratory, we particularly focuses on two research fields. The first is to explore new high safety materials including composite ceramics, metal structural materials, new concept radiation-resistant materials, etc., and high-performance functional coating. The other field is to develop characteristics multi-physical field coupling experimental evaluation platforms e.g., irradiation effects, LBE/water/CO2 environmental compatibilities, and their synergistic effects, theoretical simulations and granular flow effects, etc., and some key technologies regarding to material fabrications, multi-physical field coupling, and oxygen control etc..  

Our objective is to construct both performance database of key materials and predictive theoretical models of their service lives at last. We are dedicated to a new research mode concerning the integration of new materials R&Ds, performance appraisals, key materials database, theoretical prediction model and project demonstration applications.  

Meanwhile, we are a high level of nuclear material evaluation team, currently consisting of 11 senior researchers, 6 junior researchers and 10 graduate students. 

Research Fields

1. R&D of new high-safety composite ceramic materials and other radiation-resistant materials; 

2. R&D of high-performance coatings for nuclear applications; 

3. Experimental evaluation of radiation properties of nuclear materials; 

4. Theoretical simulations of radiation damage mechanism; 

5. Research on the environmental (LBE, water /CO2) compatibility of materials; 

6. Key technologies and platform constructions. 


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