17 04, 2023

Seminar: Probing Neutron Skin Thickness with Parity-Violating Electron Scattering

Title: Probing Neutron Skin Thickness with Parity-Violating Electron Scattering 

Speaker: Prof. ZHANG Jinlong (Shandong University) 

Time: 10:00 am, Apr. 17 (Monday), 2023 

Place Room 218, Building 5  


The difference of the root-mean-square radii of neutron and proton distributions inside nucleus is referred to as "neutron skin" which is of fundamental importance in nuclear physics and relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Neutron skin thickness is sensitive to the density dependence of symmetry energy which is a key parameter of nuclear matter Equation of State. Due to its significantly larger weak charge, neutron distribution can be cleanly and model-independently probed via the parity-violating electron scattering. The PREX-II/CREX experiments at Jefferson Lab have performed high precision measurements of neutron skin thickness of 208Pb and 48Ca. In this seminar, the experimental setup, data analysis, and results of PREX-II/CREX experiment will be presented.  

About the speaker: 

ZHANG Jinlong is a professor at Shandong University (SDU). He is a member of RHIC-STAR, JLab-PREX/CREX, and HERA-H1 collaborations. His research interest is in the experimental studies of nuclear and nucleon structure and the spin effects therein.  He received his Ph.D in 2016 from SDU with work on RHIC-spin physics, and worked as postdoc at LBNL and Stony Brook University before joining faculty of SDU in 2020. 


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