06 04, 2023

Seminar: Fundamental Physics with Atoms and Ions

Title: Fundamental Physics with Atoms and Ions 

Speaker: Dr. Yury Kozhedub (St. Petersburg State University) 

Time: 10:00 am, Apr. 6 (Thursday), 2023 

Place Room 666, Building 5  


Although the current Standard Model (SM) is a very successful and accurate description of particle physics, it is inconsistent with the existence of our Universe. Extension of the SM test region and search for new physics signatures can be performed via low-energy measurements. This talk focuses on some specific examples of atomic physics study closely connected to activities of Prof. Vladimir Shabaev group (St. Petersburg State University). In particular, the calculations of energy levels, autoionized states, hyperfine splittings, bound-electron g factor in multi-charged ions, and investigations of electronic structure of superheavy elements will be reviewed. Highly accurate measurements in atoms and ions aimed at the electron neutrino mass determination will be considered. Study of electronic dynamics in low-energy heavy ion-atom collisions up to the critical regime, where the total nuclear charge number exceeds the critical value (~173) and the initially neutral vacuum can spontaneously decay will be discussed. 


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