21 12, 2022

Seminar: Baryon Pair Production and CP-violation Study at BESIII

Title: Baryon pair production and CP-violation study at BESIII 

Speaker: Dr. WANG Xiongfei (Lanzhou University)  

Time: 15:30pm, Dec. 21 (Tuesday), 2021 

Place: Room 218, Building 5  


The baryon pair production in charmonium decay and in electron positron annihilation provides a rich laboratory to test the standard model, such as probing the limitation of the quark models and spotting unrevealed aspects of the QCD description of the structure of hadron resonances. The BESIII detector at BEPCII Collider has collected the world’s largest data sets in the past decade. In this talk, I will review some recent results on baryon pair production and CP-violation study at BESIII, such as baryon transverse polarization, CP-violation test in baryon weak decay, threshold effect study, baryon form factor and so on. 


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