23 06, 2021

Seminar: Scanned Carbon-ion Beam Treatment in QST with Motion Management

Title: Scanned carbon-ion beam treatment in QST with motion management 

Speaker: Dr. Shinichiro Mori  

               National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan 

               National Institute of Radiological Science (NIRS), Japan 

Time: 14:00pm, June. 23 (Wednesday), 2021 

Place: https://teams.live.com/meet/9528006231296 


In this lecture, I would like to introduce the importance of “Image Guidance” in advanced particle therapy based on QST hospital clinical experiences, and our recent research topics. QST hospital started scanned carbon-ion beam treatment without respiratory gating in 2011, and the respiratory gating treatment was started in 2015. Motion has a significant influence on the treatment quality in particle radiotherapy. For beam scanning, there are two interference sources: one is due to inter-field motion in intensity-modulated particle therapy (IMPT), and the other due to interference between scanning motion and intra-fractional (or intra-field) motion which is often called interplay and typically results into under-dosage and over-dosage within the target volume. To overcome these problems, QST developed several methodologies (phase-controlled rescanning, margins, markerless tracking, etc.) and integrated as a clinical application. Moreover, we integrated 4D treatment planning for all gated treatments using 4DCT. We give a summary of available motion monitoring solutions for particle radiotherapy and describe motion mitigation techniques to be used during particle therapy delivery. 


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