08 06, 2021

Seminar: QCD Perspectives on Charming Physics

Title: Dynamical evolution of electromagnetic field in pre-equilbrium quark-gluon plasma  

Speaker: Prof. Wang Yuming (Nankai University) 

Time: 09:30am, June. 10 (Thurday), 2021 

Place: Room 218, Building 5 


QCD aspects of exclusive charm-hadron decays will be discussed with an emphasis on the systematic discussions of the distinct dynamical mechanisms governing the flavor-conserving hadronic matrix elements beyond the leading-power approximation. Phenomenological implications of the technical improvements for evaluating the charm-hadron decay amplitudes will be further elaborated with a number of interesting exclusive processes accessible at the current experiments. 

About the speaker: 

Prof. Wang Yuming earned his PhD degree in physics from the Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS in 2009. Afterwards, he pursued his academic career at University of Siegen, Technical University of Munichand University of Vienna as a postdoctoral researcher. He joined Nankai University as a full professor in 2016. Prof. Wang has been working on a variety of topics on the theoretical high energy physics, including Heavy Quark Physics and CP Violation, QCD Factorization, Radiative Corrections and Resummation Techniques, QCD Sum Rules, Light-Cone Distribution Amplitudes, Heavy-Quark Effective Theory, Soft-Collinear Effective Theory, Higgs Physics and New Physics beyond the SM. His major scientific achievements in heavy quark physics are widely recognized among the world-class experts, by virtue of the influential works on identifying the eigenfunctions of the Lange-Neubert evolution kernel for the HQET B-meson distribution amplitude, on the first-ever calculation of the non-factorizable charm-loop effect in FCNC B-meson decays, on the systematic formulation of the subleading power corrections to the radiative B-meson form factors, and last but not least on the rigorous incorporation of light-cone sum rules in the SCET framework. 


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