11 01, 2021

Seminar: Magnetospheric Physics of Magnetars

Title: Magnetospheric physics of magnetars  

Speaker: Dr. TONG Hao 

Time: 10:00am-11:30am, Jan.12 (Tuesday), 2021 

Place: Room 1006, Building 5 


The magnetic field of magnetars may be twisted compared with that of normal pulsars. Previous works mainly discussed magnetic energy release in the closed field line regions of magnetars. For a twisted magnetic field, the field lines will inflate in the radial direction. Similar to normal pulsars, the idea of light cylinder radius is introduced. More field lines will cross the light cylinder and become open for a twisted magnetic field. Therefore, magnetars may have a large polar cap, which may correspond to the hotspot during outburst. Particle flow in the open field line regions will result in the untwisting of the magnetic field. Magnetic energy release in the open field line regions can be calculated. The model calculations can catch the general trend of magnetar outburst: decreasing X-ray luminosity, shrinking hotspot, etc. For magnetic energy release in the open field line regions, the geometry will be the same for different outburst in one magnetar.  


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