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Welcome from the Director
Update time: 2009-07-16
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  The Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), wasestablished in 1957. For more than 50 years, under the correct leadership of CAS, with the support from Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the Government of Gansu, and with the efforts of IMP employees, the Institute has accomplished significant achievements in scientific research and has made important contributions to the development of science and technology in China.

  Since its establishment, the Institute has been mainly engaged in the basic researches of heavy ion nuclear physics and the interdisciplinary researches in related fields. Accelerator physics and nuclear technique have been developed. Large-scale scientific research facilities at international advanced level, such as the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou HIRFLand the Heavy Ion Cooling Storage Ring CSR,have been established. Laboratories and research centers like National Laboratory of Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou, The National Center for International Research, The Clinical Study Base for Heavy Ion Beam Tumor Therapy in Gansu Province, and The Gansu Key Laboratory of Heavy Ion Beam Application in Radiology, have been founded. Major breakthroughs have been accomplished in the synthesization and study of new nuclides, the research on heavy ion beam cancer therapy, and the development of advanced ion accelerator. IMP has grown into one of the important nuclear research centers in the world.    

  In the recent 10 years, according to the requirement of the Knowledge Innovation Program by CAS, and to meet the demands of the national economy development, the Institute has made great adjustments to its management and subject structure, and has strengthened the development of innovative talents team. The employees of IMP have devoted themselves to the scientific research and the development of the Institute, leading to a more competitive scientific team.  With these achievements, IMP presents its vitality and a prosperous future.

  The philosophies of dedication, team cooperation, and enthusiasm for innovation developed by the employees of IMP in their scientific research are invaluable treasure for the society. 

  With the guidance of the Scientific Development Concept, in accordance with the national strategy demands and the leading-edge science and technology in the world, pursuing the philosophies of people-orientation, innovation, cooperation, competition, and sustainable development, the Institute will make greater contributions to the development of the science and technology in China. You are cordially invited to visit the Institute of Modern Physics for cooperation in science and technology.

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