Materials Research Center

Brief Introduction 

The Materials Research Center (MRC) consists of the Materials Irradiation Effect Group, the Nanomaterials Group and the Energy Materials Group. The main research of MRC is to study the irradiation effects in metals, semiconductors and polymers as well as in electronic devices.  

MRC has unique research platforms based on the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL). Several experimental terminals have been established such as T1, TR0, TR3, TR5, TR6, HERE, etc. The heavy ions from HIRFL accelerator have energy from MeV/u to GeV/u, and ion types from C to Bi ions. 

There are 27 researchers in the Materials Research Center, including 7 Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 3 Postdoctoral Students, and more than 20 Graduate Students.  

Research Fields 

1. Materials irradiation effect 

2. Single event effect of electronic devices 

3. Heavy ion microbeam development and applications 

4. Irradiation experiment technique  

5. Design and fabrication of emerging nanostructures and functional nanomaterials 

6. Modification of nanomaterials by energetic ions 

7. Radiation embrittlement of structural materials candidate to fast and fusion reactors 

8. High throughput technology for the evaluation of life extension of RPV steels 

9. Mechanisms underlying radiation response of the FeCrAl-base ODS ferritic steel and SiCf/SiC composites 


Prof. LIU Jie 

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Mailing Address: 509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou, 730000, China