Radiobiological Effects Group

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Contact us:

509 Nanchang Road, Lanzhou 730000 

Office Phone: 

(931) 4969164 

Lab Phone: 

(931) 4969162 


(931) 4969164 



Group Members: 


Guangming Zhou 

(931) 4969164 

Nan Ding 

(931) 4969162 

Jiayun Zhu 

(931) 4969162 

Fengtao Su 

(931) 4969162 

Wentao Hu 

(931) 4969162 

Caiyong Ye 

(931) 4969162 

Mingyue Zhu 

(931) 4969162 

Research Interests 

We study the radiobiological effects of heavy ion beams. 

Major areas of interest are: 

  • DNA clustered damage and repair induced by ionizing radiation
  • microRNA Fuctions related to radiobiological effects
  • Lethal effects of heavy ion beam on cancer stem cells
  • Systems radiobiology

Selected Publications 

Gene expression profiling of breast cells induced by x-rays and heavy ions.  

International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 21: 627-636 (2008)  Liu B, Zhang H, Zhou G, Xie Y, Hao J, Qiu R, Duan X and Zhou Q.  

Adenovirus-mediated p53 gene transfer sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to heavy-ion radiation. 

Journal of Gastroenterology, 42:140–145 (2007)  Zhou G, Bennett PV, Cutter NC and Sutherland BM.  

Proton-HZE-particle dual- beam exposures increase anchorage-independent growth frequencies in primary human fibroblasts.  

Radiation Research, 166(3): 488-94 (2006)  Zhou GM, Kawata T, Furusawa Y, Aoki M, Hirayama R, Ando K and Ito H.  

Protective effects of melatonin against low- and high-LET radiation.  

Journal of Radiation Research (Tokyo), 47(2): 175-81 (2006)  Yang JS, Li WJ, Zhou GM, Jin XD, Xia JG, Wang JF, Wang ZZ, Guo CL, Gao QX.  

Comparative study on radiosensitivity of various tumor cells and human normal liver cells.  

World Journal of Gastroenterology, 11(26): 4098-101 (2005)