Radio frequency technology lab

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  The Radio Frequency Technology Lab is a very important part of the HIRFL-CSR. It consists of the power source group and the cavity group. At present, there are more than 20 scientific research personnel, including six senior engineers. It mainly designs all kinds of cavity, Power source and Low level control system for the accelerator. It also to be responsible fordaily running and maintenance of the SFC, SSC, NB1, CSRm and CSRe.

  In recent years, the following achievements have been accomplished:

  1.    The development and online commission of the ferrites load cavity and radio frequency power source system for CSRm and CSRe.

  2.    The development and commission of the 40KW VHF frequency band power source and the buncher Cavity.

  3.    The development of the High-Voltage radio frequency triangular wave, saw-tooth wave buncher

  4.    The design and development of the low-level system for SSC.

  At present the Radio Frequency Technology Group is organizing the Radio frequency system's development of the SSC at the large scale science engineering renovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the heavy ion cancer therapy project.

  Address: The High Frequency Technology Lab

  Institute of Modern Physics, CAS

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