Magnet and Mechanical Group

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  The Magnet and Mechanical Group is an important department of the CSR system, which mainly includes the magnet team, machinery team and electron accelerator team, and there are more than 30 researchers in all now. This group is mainly responsible for the design, the manufacture, the design of control and protection system and the measurement of the various types of magnet.

  Magnet team is assuming the responsibility of the design ,the manufacture and the measurement of various kinds of magnets. International advanced field-assistant calculating software is used to design magnet components. Based on the numerical simulation and optimization procedure, the magnet field distribution, mechanical performance and thermal performance are greatly improved, while the cost are minimized. When the optimization design finished, it will be transformed into final mechanical drawings. At present,the general magnet has been advanced and we have achieved great success in designing and manufacturing the superconductor magnet.

  Mechanical group is in the charge of the final construction of accelerator and other scientific research project,including mechanic design、field mounted and debugging.Mechanical group utilize CAD and CAE tools to make mechanic design、technics design and calculation. We have rich experiences in the designing and manufacture of the nonstandard scientific research equipment.

  The main job of Accelerator Team is to research and manufacture electron accelerator, as well as carry out the irradiation experiments with the electron beam. Now the following two types of electron accelerators are being developed: one is the three-phase super-high-power electron accelerator, and the other is single-phase resonant transformer electron accelerator, with 2.0 MeV/80mA and 1.2 MeV/40mA two models. In addition, we also carried out the research of related accelerator devices and have successfully developed some key equipment, such as: electron gun and high-current power supply, accelerator tubes, dual-scan system accelerator.