Power Supply

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 The Power Supply Department of Institute of Modern Physics is responsible for design, operation and maintenance of the magnet power supply system and power distribution system of the institute. There are 21 employees, includes one professor, three associate professors, nine engineers, and 5 graduate students. The department consists of two groups, one is the power supply group and the other is the electric group. The main work of power supply group study and design of accelerator power supply. The electric group is responsible of electric power of the HIRFL and the whole institute.

  Power supply group had built the HIRFL power supply system in the 1980s, and it had designed and manufactured about 300 DC power supplies, which met the requirements of the HIRFL magnet system and filled up a gap in China at that time. The group undertook the upgrading HIRFL DC power supply in 1998 and finished it in 2004. From 1998, the group has carried out studies of various pulsed power supplies for CSR, and developed special power supplies for different applications one by one, such as SCR pulsed power supply, IGBT pulsed power supply, KICKER power supply, BUMP power supply and triangle wave scanning power supply, which bridge many technical gaps in China. From DC output to pulse output, slow pulse to fast pulse, and analog control to digital control, the power supply technique of IMP has advanced gradually to satisfy the demand of accelerator. Through accumulation of experiences and development in the last 30 years, the group has formed its own technical features on power supplies of different power grades, for example, high stability DC power supply, injection and extraction power supply and pulsed power supply.

   At present, there are more than 820 power supplies in HIRFL power supply system. 211 of them have a power over 20KW, 139 have a power over 50KW. The total power is up to 19.99MW. Most of the power supplies are DC current-stabilized power supply and DC voltage-stabilized power supply. They can be divided into five types according to working principle, which comprise full bridge soft switch power supply, double tube chop switch power supply, SCR phase-controlled power supply, integrated SCR and switch compensation power supply, multi-module parallelled power supply, and linearity regulator power supply. They also can be divided into four types according to working mode, which consist of DC power supply, slow pulsed power supply, fast pulsed power supply, and special power supply. In the HIRF system, CSRm dipole magnet power supply is the biggest, output power of 3450KW. SSC main field power supply offers the biggest current up to 4000A. The highest voltage one is in platform, the voltage is 400KV. And CSR KICKER power supply is the fastest one, rising time fast than 150ns. Triangle wave scanning power supply of the material radiation terminal has the highest working frequency up to 200Hz, and SSC main field power supply holds the highest stability of 5×10-6/8h.