Technique Condition Division

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  The technique condition division of the accelerator currently has 17 permanent staff (1 researcher, 2 senior engineers and 8 engineers). It is divided into 3 research groups: the alignment group, the water cooling group and the cryogenic group. They are mainly in charge of to align and install the device and components of accelerator; to operate,maintain and improve the accelerator cooling water system, the gas support system and the air conditioning system in the laboratory and office room. The cryogenic technique research and make liquid helium for the superconducting magnet are also the task of this division. 

   During the long time researching and practicing, the staff of the division has mastered the advanced technique and accumulated abundant   experiences in the field they in charge of. The following achievements have been obtained:

  1.  In the field of accuracy engineering surveying: the alignment group has the highest accurate 3-D measuring instrument –LEASER TRACKER and creates a set of surveying method and concept. The staff of the group accumulated an abundant experience in the field of large dimension and high accuracy surveying. They not only have accomplished the task of building the accelerator in IMP but also undertaken some measuring jobs for national important engineering. 

  2. In the accelerator circulate cooling water system: the advanced water treatment method RO+EDI has used in the system, the unique system was designed and used, it has the advantages of save energy, reduce environment pollution and high efficiency.    

  3. In 2002, a large centrifuge heat pump was mounted in the accelerator system, which was designed by the companies of BINGSHAN (of China), SULZER (of Switzerland) and IMP together. This heat pump system can reclaim the heat energy from accelerator and generate the higher temperature water to warm all rooms of IMP in the winter. It is a first model of saving energy to using large centrifuge heat pump in China and also the unique model of using heat pump in the accelerator system to save energy in the world. It has made a contribution to popularize the using heat pump to save energy in our country.   

  Director of the division: Man Kaidi, Ph.D. adviser, member of the academia committee of IMP, graduated from Lanzhou University of Technology in 1981, used to be in charge of the general mechanical design and devices alignment and installation for the Lanzhou heavy ions cooling storage ring project, keeping ahead of large scale accuracy survey technology in the nationwide.