Ion Source Group

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Group Introduction:

As one apartment of the accelerator division, we are responsible for the R&D study of ion source technologies and the applications. With the advancements of the scientific research activities at IMP, we are now mostly responsible for the on-line operation of the available ECR ion sources and the development of new ECR ion sources for future developments. In recent years, we have been responsible for the research activities of several key national projects. Several projects have been granted with national prizes for the outstanding achievements in the advancements of technologies. In 2008, because of the outstanding performances of the all permanent magnet ECR ion source LAPECR2 developed at IMP, the first Geller Prize was honored to our group. With the great development of our lab, our research has covered the fields such as the applications of ion beams and plasma, etc.  


Hongwei ZHAO: Group leader; Senior researcher, PhD of IMP and JINR/Dubna. He specializes in the research of ion source and accelerator technologies. He has outstanding achievements in theoretical and experimental studies of high charge state ECR ion source. With his efforts, the performances of the accelerators at HIRFL have been improved quite a lot. With his great achievements, he has been honored with many national prizes. As one of the top scientists in the Knowledge Innovative Program launched by CAS, he has conducted the research of the so-called 3rd generation high charge state ECR ion source SECRAL. Many world record beam performances have been produced by this ion source. With the outstanding achievements, this project has been granted with the Second Prize of National Prize for the Advancement in Scientific Technologies. He has published more than 60 papers in peer-review journals.

Liangting SUN: Senior researcher, PhD of IMP and CEA/Grenoble. He specializes in the research of ion source technologies. Under his guidance, the first high charge state all permanent magnet ECR ion source in China has been honored with Richard Geller Prize in 2008. As a key member, he is mostly involved in the R&D of SECRAL project. And with his efforts, many outstanding beam intensities have been made. He has published more than 50 papers in peer-review journals.


Dr. Xie was awarded with PhD degree at Michigan State University in 1989. As an American Chinese, he is the first Chinese scientist dedicated to the research of ECR ion source, and he is also one of the most outstanding scientists in this field. He has made many outstanding achievements in the R&D study of the technologies of ECR ion source. He is the first one that announced the double-frequency heating effect in the world, which has opened a new way to research ECR ion source and brought about a new method to improve the performances of ECR ion source. With his discovery, a brand new research direction has been opened to the field of microwave plasma. Even when working abroad, Dr. Xie is always caring about the scientific research activities and developments in China. Since the beginning of 1990s, he has been well under contact with the top scientists in China. In the past 12 years, he has done a lot for the development of ion source and accelerator technology at IMP. In 2007, Dr. Xie was invited by IMP to be a guest researcher. He is now mostly dedicated to the R&D studies ion source technologies and the applications.