Seminar: Seeking Nuclear Physics in QCD

Date:02-11-2020   |   【Print】 【close

Title:  Seeking Nuclear Physics in QCD 

Speaker: Prof. Craig D. Roberts (Nanjing University) 

Time: 09:30am, Nov 11(Wednesday), 2020 

Place: Room 1006, Budilding 5 


QCD is unique. It is the only known fundamental theory with the capacity to sustain massless elementary degrees-of-freedom, viz. gluons and quarks. Yet gluons and quarks are predicted to acquire mass dynamically, and nucleons and almost all other hadrons likewise. The only (nearly) massless systems in QCD are Nature's composite Nambu-Goldstone (NG) bosons, the pions and kaons; and without pions, there are no nuclei. This presentation will canvass the potential for a coherent effort in QCD phenomenology and theory, coupled with experiments at existing and planned facilities worldwide, to answer an array of fundamental questions in Nature, inter alia: What is the interplay of the strong-mass and Higgs-mass generation mechanisms; What are the basic processes that determine the distribution of mass, momentum, charge, spin, etc., within hadrons, and how are these things expressed in observable deformations of the basic building blocks of nuclei?