Seminar: Ion Traps for Mass Measurement at TITAN and for Barium Tagging in nEXO

Date:08-07-2020   |   【Print】 【close

Title:  Ion traps for mass measurement at TITAN and for barium tagging in nEXO 

Speaker: LAN Yang (University of British Columbia)

Time: 10:00am, July 8 (Wednesday), 2020

Place: Meeting room on the 6th floor, Technique Building  


The TITAN (TRIUMF's Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear Science) uses five ion traps to perform mass measurement of short-lived exotic isotopes. The Penning trap mass spectrometer has been working reliably since 2007. The latest addition of the MR-TOF-MS (multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer) has enabled more flexible mass measurement of isotopes farther from stability. 

At TRIUMF, an ion trap is also being developed for the barium tagging purpose of nEXO to help the search of neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ) in xenon-136. The ion trap will identify the barium ion as the daughter isotope of the 0νββ to reduce the background level of nEXO and increase its sensitivity in 0νββ.