Seminar: Quark-hadron Continuity under Rotation

Date:21-11-2019   |   【Print】 【close

Title: Quark-hadron continuity under rotation 

Speaker: Prof. Motoi TACHIBANA (Saga University) 

Time: 11:00am, Nov.22 (Friday), 2019 

Place: Room911, Building 5 


Researchers study how vortices in dense superfluid hadronic matter can connect to vortices in superfluid quark matter, as in rotating neutron stars, focusing on the extent to which quark-hadron continuity can be maintained. A singly quantized vortex in three-flavor symmetric hadronic matter can connect smoothly to a singly quantized non-Abelian vortex in three-flavor symmetric quark matter in the color-flavor locked phase, without the necessity for boojums appearing at the transition.