Seminar: A Partonic Transport Model for Jet Propagation Inside a Hot and Dense QCD Matter

Date:18-11-2019   |   【Print】 【close

Title: A partonic transport model for jet propagation inside a hot and dense QCD matter 

Speaker: Dr. Weiyao KE (UCB/LBL) 

Time: 15:00pm, Nov.20 (Wednesday), 2019 

Place: Room911, Building 5 


Jets produced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions interact with the surrounding hot and dense QCD medium. The interactions modify jets observables compared to those in vacuum, e.g., the ''jet quenching'' phenomenon, where jet yield in nuclear collisions is suppressed relative to the normalized yield in proton-proton collisions. These medium-modifications are interesting as they provide strong evidences of the existence of a color-deconfined medium. 

Study jet in-medium dynamic is a complex multi-scale task. Usually simplifications are possible with a large separation of scales; however, the interference time scale (formation time) of medium-induce parton bremsstrahlung processes can be comparable to the typical dynamical medium time scales, leaving its Monte Carlo implementation a hard problem. In this talk, the speaker will focus on modeling the jet in-medium dynamics using an improved partonic transport model, with special treatments to the bremsstrahlung processes. The model demonstrates quantitative agreement with theoretical calculations in simplified scenarios in a wide kinematic range. A generalization to use a more realistic dynamical medium is straightforward. 

Finally, the speaker will present recent applications of the model to open heavy flavor and inclusive jet productions in relativistic nuclear collisions. The researchers demonstrate that with a reasonable choice of the in-medium coupling strength, these observables can be well reproduced, opening the possibility for future study of more differential jet measurements.