Seminar: Relativistic Hydrodynamic Fluctuations Away and Near the QCD Critical Point

Date:28-10-2019   |   【Print】 【close

Title: Relativistic hydrodynamic fluctuations away and near the QCD critical point 

Speaker: Dr. Xin AN (University of Illinois) 

Time: 15:00pm, Oct.28 (Monday), 2019 

Place: Room 911, Building 5 


To describe dynamics of bulk and fluctuations near the QCD critical point, researchers develop general relativistic fluctuation formalism for a fluid carrying baryon charge. Feedback of fluctuations modifies hydrodynamic coefficients including bulk viscosity and conductivity. Researchers perform necessary UV renormalization to obtain cutoff independent deterministic equations suitable for numerical implementation. Focusing on the critical modes , the speaker will show how this general formalism matches existing Hydro+ description of fluctuations near the QCD critical point and nontrivially extends it inside and outside of the critical region.