Seminar: Possibilities for Observation the Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture

Date:28-10-2019   |   【Print】 【close

Title: Nuclear excitations by atomic electrons: possibilities for observation the nuclear excitation by electron capture  

Speaker: Dr. Andrey V. Volotka (Helmholtz Institute Jena) 

Time: 16:00pm, Oct.28 (Monday), 2019 

Place: Room 1006, Building 5 


Atomic physics has kept a tenable position for many decades on the foundation and development of our knowledge of nuclear properties. However, so far, this information is restricted to the nuclear ground state properties, such as nuclear spins, nuclear magnetic moments, and mean-square charge radii. Several mechanisms were proposed for determination of nuclear excitation energies and transition rates by using the techniques of atomic spectroscopy. The accurate determination of these properties provides information not only about the nuclear structure of individual isotopes, but also gives access to a number of gripping applications.  

The speaker will present the current status of the nuclear excitation processes, which envolve atomic electrons. In particular, the nuclear excitation by electron transition (NEET), the nuclear excitation by electron capture (NEEC) as well as the nuclear excitation by two-photon transition (NETP) mechanisms will be reviewed. Moreover, several possibilities for a first time observation of the NEEC process at Cooler Storage Ring at HIRFL will be given.