Recruitment of high-level talents with "Hundred Talents"B (Technology Talents) program of Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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The Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in l957. As of 2013, there are 852 staff members including 371 researchers, and 296 students for master or doctorate of science. IMP operates the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL), which consists of the Sector Focusing Cyclotron, the Separated Sector Cyclotron, the Cooler Storage Ring, and a number of experimental terminals. After a half century of development, IMP has become the most important research center for heavy ion sciences in China. We have established active and fruitful collaborations with more than forty institutions worldwide.  

Based on HIRFL, we conduct fundamental research in nuclear and atomic physics, and the main research subjects include nuclear reactions, nuclear spectroscopy, the properties of nuclear matter, the chemistry of super-heavy elements and synthesis of new super heavy isotopes, key reactions in stellar evolution, high energy density physics, and highly charged heavy ion interactions. 

In 2010, IMP took charge of the project Advanced Nuclear Fission Energy – ADS Transmutation System, a Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In collaboration with other institutes in China, the project was approved by the central government at the end of 2010. This long-term project aims to build a demo facility for the transmutation of nuclear waste produced in nuclear power plants. IMP established a department which is dedicated fully to the R&D of a high-intensity superconducting proton accelerator and spallation target system. Now the roadmap for the ADS project is fixed and the research program is on track.  


Based on the needs of the research areas and the disciplines development of the IMP, CAS. We are now publicly recruiting outstanding technology talents and scholars of relevant disciplines who possess research abilities and innovation awareness. 







Senior scientistand group leader of the nuclear recycle 

1Accelerator driven advanced nuclear energy system - Closed nuclear fuel cycle system. 

2Dry processing of spent fuel - separate the fission products and lanthanide which have a large neutron capture cross section. 

3. Advanced nuclear fuel fabrication. 

1. Expertise and experience in the area of nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry are highly desirable; and the candidates who participated in nuclear fuel nuclear chemical engineering will get the priority consideration. 

2. Being familiar with nuclear fission reaction and the correlation of its chemistry, and confirm the existing form of fission elements in spent fuel. 

3. The ability to figure out the key problem of science and technology in the dry processing of spent fuel and advanced nuclear fuel preparation process is essential. 


Senior researcher and group leader of the Accelerator Control and Beam Instrumentation for High Power Hadron. Linear Accelerator 

To develop the hardware and software of accelerator control system and beam instrumentation system, which is including the control system architecture, timing, real-time control, machine protection system, database. To develop the low level and high level applications which support beam diagnostics and commissioning. 

1.Experience on design and operation of the control system in a large accelerator facility are highly desirable. 

2. Being familiar with EPICS system and have the experience on the utilization of IOC, Real-time System, Low Level Applications, High Level Applications and Database. 

3. Being familiar with the hardware and software of data acquisition based on DSP, ARM, and FPGA These applications have been successfully operated in a large accelerator facility. 

4. Being familiar with mainstream SQL and NoSQL database and having the design and maintenance experience of database in a large accelerator facility. 

5. Hardware and software experience on beam instrumentation system such as BPM, BCM and Wire Scanner 

6.Designing experience of Timing System and Fast Protection System (FPS). 

Additional Qualifications: The candidates experienced over 3 years in major scientific complex’s construction or overseas engineering technology R&D, concentrated on the solve the key technology issues and promote technological innovation, realized excellent achievements. 


1.  Employed as the corresponding senior professional & technical engineer and project leader, Ph.D advisor. 

2.  Competitive salaries and allowances.  

3.  A house or housing subsidy of CNY 600,000 will be paid by CAS. 

4.  Sufficient scientific resources including research funding, laboratory space, advanced equipment, skilled workers. 

5.  Providing assist to arrange the spouse’s job and children education (including kindergarten). 


Submit all application materials electronically in a single PDF file to To be complete, an application file must include: curriculum vitae, scientific research activities, publication lists, future research plan and two or three recommendation letters.  

Email Subject: “Name+ Hundred Talents + Research Field”. 


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