Workshop on Hadron Physics in China and Opportunities in US,July 21- 24,2014

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The Sixth Workshop on Hadron Physics in China and Opportunities in US will be held in Lanzhou, China on July 21 through July 24, 2014, hosted by Institute of Modern Physics.  

More than 100 scientists and students from about 5 countries and regions will attend the workshop to review the current situation, and to discuss the development of hadron physics in China. The participants also look to further boost the collaboration on hadron physics among China, the US and elsewhere.  

Hadron Physics has drawn the increasing attention of Chinese nuclear and high-energy physics communities and has been one of the main physics goals at new facilities such as BESIII@IHEP, CEE/HIAF@IMP in China. An EIC@HIAF facility was recently proposed by the Institute of Modern Physics to provide a powerful precision microscope for study of hadron physics. Moreover, China has been becoming an important partner at international hadron physics facilities like HERMES, Jefferson Lab, PANDA, STAR, PHENIX and J-PARC, etc. 

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