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Half-aperture Prototype of Superconducting Combined-function CCT Magnet for HIAF-HFRS Successfully Completes Cryogenic Test

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The half-aperture CCT (Canted-Cosine-Theta) superconducting Quadrupole-Sextupole-Combined-Function magnet prototype, which is independently developed by the High Intensity heavy-ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) team, has completed its first time full-load current excitation test on December 25  

The prototype reached the design value of 500A for quadrupole coil and of 385A for sextupole coil respectively. Its magnetic field gradient and field quality also reach the design values. The success of the prototype indicates the feasibility and reliability of the CCT-type combined-function magnet structure and technology.   

As a high energy fragment separator with the maximum magnetic rigidity of 25Tm, HIAF-HFRS (HIAF Fragmentation Separator) will apply the innovative CCT combined-function magnet technology. The CCT superconducting magnet is thus one of the key technologies of HIAF.  

The successful development and testing of the half-aperture prototype indicate that the project team has mastered the core technology of former fabrication, coil winding and epoxy impregnation.  

The technical prototype has also laid a good foundation for the batch processing of CCT superconducting magnets and is of great significance for the advancement of high-energy and miniaturization of heavy-ion accelerator devices in the future.


                          Fig.1 The half-aperture prototype of superconducting combined-function CCT magnet. (Image by LIANG Yu)  


                                         Fig.2 Cryogenic test site of the prototype. (Image by MEI Enming) 


                                  Fig.3 Current excitation curve of the prototype magnet. (Image by MEI Enming) 


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